This page was thought through intuition before starting to study Web Pages. It is part of the imagination and the design that I really excited the creator of this page.

Intuya Web is based on intuition, through the pineal gland can be said to be for extrasensory perception. Regarding the Third Eye that is in front of us, it is part of the dynasty of the project that makes the client and the designer convenient. Thinking about the construction of this page, has the modern and support that the client likes for his business and his propaganda through HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol).

A special reason is that we all want the integration of the market, the world, and always be with the idea of making money as far as work is concerned. Now, the mechanism that influences is to have ideas to change the old to the modern, as long as it is not harming anyone and with the guarantee of influence that provides the studies required in the world today.

People today are looking for work and how best to create their own website to get a kind of curriculum and send many recipients, with the influence of the page, as a possibility that in Human Resources of any Company, whether National or Foreign , you can study more the person you want to hire. This form is a way that no one can think of getting a job online, designing their own website.

The resume can be done in Word and then printed and taken to a company, yes, it can. But it would be better to have a great detailed information as Internet registration of the skill they want to develop and their studies achieved. That allows to enlarge much more the page and thus give better testimony by the network than only some written sheets.

Analysis of Intuya

People who want to enter this page, do it through the personal interest they want to have and also the exploration of the functions that allows Intuya. Now, we can simplify or omit the contents to speed the work, but it could come out all negative if we do not seek patience over perfection. This is another way for the customer to win the manager and the administrator to win the client.