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Habits for healthy eating

A habit is a special way of proceeding acquired by repetition. What we eat, where we eat it, how much we eat, how and with whom we eat are questions whose answers outline the profile of our eating habits.

5 lessons that the sport teaches children



It is important to introduce sport into the lives of children from an early age. Not only will it allow them to be more active and healthy, but it will also teach them some fundamental life lessons, which will surely be very useful when they grow up.


Playing sports is as important as good education because it helps them create a series of positive habits that will make it possible for them to succeed at anything else they set out in life. Here are some key lessons your child can learn from doing sports:


When they play sports, children learn, first and foremost, the importance of discipline. They must have it to regularly attend the practices, to train with constancy and to do the necessary exercises and to give the best of themselves whenever they play. They also learn to have a goal and a strategy to achieve it. To score a goal, to make a race, to score a point, all represent a success in the life of the child.

Life After Divorce

The separation of the couple can be perceived in many different ways: as a failure, as a relief, as the end of life, as a new opportunity. The truth is that there is a life after divorce that can be started in very different ways.

Physical activity and prevention of osteoporosis

The development of bones depends on genetic factors, eating habits and physical activity. The latter is of great importance and should be performed throughout life to see its benefits in middle age. Anyway, it's never too late to start.






















As a sign of fire, it needs some independence and to be someone by itself. Aries has the spirit of leader, activist, promoter, in fact, everything that represents action and the more accurate and fast the better. Throughout their life they can develop a great state of competition, as if survival could depend on it since in the end they have the need to conquer everything that is proposed at any level, love, work or sports activities. In love they will be given unconditionally to the loved one, although sometimes they can idealize it in excess, in some cases if they do not commit, they usually go from conquest to conquest to reaffirm themselves. They like to go directly to the bottom of the issues being very impulsive in their decisions.



As a sign of the earth, their ambition being their greatest virtue, they will encounter many people who adore them and others who hate them, generally their organized, cold and calculating mind, makes them cope with resentment that can sometimes arouse their authority, There are those who think they are pessimistic, but never farther from it, what happens is that they like to see the dark side of things, to prepare for possible eventualities and to better face the situations because even if they consider that a performance is good, They know it can always be so much better. One of his best virtues is that he does not usually take unnecessary risks, because he knows where the limits are. They are great for jobs that carry out direct management of companies, as directors, managers or administrators. In affective relationships, the social or professional status of the other person tends to be extremely important. They often pair with people from their place of work or with whom they can join professional links being very detailed with the loved one.



As a sign of water, they are extremely convinced patients and have very developed intuitive and psychic qualities, although it seems that their only interest is money, social position or worldly success, is a mistake, since they are people with feelings to Flower of skin, they look for the rest, the goodness and where people are clear, although at times can be seen pushed to the opposite. A friend of their friends are always willing to favor others within their possibilities and if they do not at some point it will be because of adverse situations in them, not because they do not want to. They can also be seen in controversies, although she is a convinced pacifist, who will be very favored, we go as a fish in the water, because it is something that dominates quite well. In affective relationships they tend to be very romantic and sentimental, usually have imagination and all the fantasy necessary in their service, although sometimes it can lead them to platonic relationships that can never be realized.



As an element of water, they tend to be quite shy in their personal relationships with others, but if they have a warm and protective treatment they turn and grow defending everything they consider their property. Many ups and downs, being very practical, usually have a considerable capacity for fantasy, will need to build a family or group of friends, because when you are in this state can communicate better or talk a lot, breaking the shyness that They tend to have strangers. Feelings always have them on their skin, a cancer friend will never abandon you whatever you do, always maintain a certain type of connection, even in extreme conditions. Although they are seen with an outward appearance of strength, they hide an extreme tenderness and tenderness, very tenacious and a solid moral.



As a fire element, with a will to power and very noble, need to feel the center of admiration of others, have a great capacity for organization and very responsible if they need to extreme their feelings can end up dramatizing some situations, Of responsibility, they have a great ability to get the necessary equipment for the development of their objectives, wanting to do all the best for others sometimes get to attract to themselves the problems of those around him, being one of the signs that can withstand Personal defeat. They love life to unexpected extremes, although they like to have fun, music and all kinds of shows, are the things that give you joy to live, if you remove all this, life without joy is no longer life. They are in love with love and become the essential ingredient to manifest and seek the aforementioned admiration.