Graphic Design

These pages are made and accompanied in Photoshop, to have a more attractive page and thus integrate Intuya Web in the Labor Market. All this is due to a time of study and effort whose goal is to focus professionally to all kinds of effect that makes this program for the images more clear and without any pixel content. The system that is used is to give effect and dynamics to the page with variations of photos that make change the dimension of size and height. The percentages of pixels in the photos is a clear demonstration that you can not give more than the quality of photography that we want to enlarge to notice the image, because otherwise the image would be pixilated and it would be poorly presented to the pages.

We can vary the tonalities of the colors and also the saturation of the image. Photoshop gives us the opportunity to make layers on layers, to add content and we can also go to the Filters menu where we give the touch of different variation that the photo can have. The Internet can help us by downloading PNG images that are photos without funds in many cases. Usually PNG is used, but when we give a whole photo, with some background, we use JPG and if it were animated it would be GIF, although Photoshop can make the image without any background, cutting the object that we want to see on our website and without background to give an aesthetic to the page as unique and professional.


In Animation you use a program called Adobe Flash, it can make many clues of shapes, classic and interpolation to give the figures a mode of movement through the time line that has the program. This form is done to many of the projects that currently is in Intuya Web.

Knowing this is that the person doing it would take considerable time to make forms of movement. Includes the Library where we download the images made in Photoshop or the Internet, then export by saving the file in SWF and / or GIF for our website.